Whether you're looking for a soft motherly sell, a sophisticated read, an up-beat hard sell, the girl next door, a provocative sensuous sell, or an educated/erudite type read, Kim has done it - and has the experience and knowledge to give you exactly what you're looking for. Kim has won an International Award for a commercial she wrote, voiced, and had produced - The highly acclaimed ICAS AWARD.

Kim has been a radio announcer for 15 years. She has worked for a variety of radio stations with different formats. She has performed as an announcer/ disc jockey in a classic rock radio format, an adult contemporary music radio format, a pop-rock radio format and others. Kim has also hosted and produced various news and entertainment radio shows. She has worked for many producers and production houses voicing everything from documentaries for television, to corporate videos. The bulk of her work is in television and radio commercials, and on-air live broadcasting. Her voice has been heard on many various television stations.

When you need an award winning voice to:

resonate confidence
instil credibility
motivate into action
offer comfort
raise a smile
introduce a concept
stimulate excitement

Kim has the talent, knowledge, skill, and experience.


I have two lists for voice talent; “Some of the Time, and “GO TO!” Kim’s at the top of the “GO TO” list. She can turn it around in no time flat, and come back with more variations and possibilities then I imagined.
Besides having a voice that naturally draws your ear, Kim understands that the sell isn’t always in the words. It’s in the emotion.

Chris Thenhaus
Senior Writer/ Producer

Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Kim is great to work with and has a super quick turn around time. We were looking for someone to deliver a sexy read to compliment Joe Kelly’s giant voice and she came through. Now our station really sounds bigger than life! Thanks! Kim…the station totally has a new feel thanks to you! It really does sound fantastic!

Shawn Abbott
CBS Radio, New York
Production Director

It was really great working with Kim. Her narration made the English version of our "Twirling"- production sparkle. She understood what we were looking for and provided us with various takes where necessary. When we had to do a couple of re-takes of some French words, all was settled within a day. That's truly professional. Along with the narration we did some radio-imaging as well. Kim's versatile voice fitted superb in the stuff we produced. We will work with Kim again in the near future. That's for sure !

Bert Beugeling
To The Point Kommunikatie
The Netherlands, (Holland)

Kim Wagner is a great talent. Her voice lends itself to dozens of different delivery styles. We appreciate the fact that Kim understands our production needs and provides not only quick turn-around but various samples to work with. Her smooth tone and professionalism is a favourite of our clients. We're confident with Kim's talents and utilize her services as often as possible.

CKCO/CTV Creative & Promotion Departments

Kim is always a pleasure to work with. Kim is talented, versatile,
accomodating and excellent at meeting deadlines.

Michael J. Whyte
A Channel

I want to say some good words about Kim. “She's been reliable, and her voicing is exceptional. She is Conscientious, talented, and professional... thank you so much for your work, Kim."

Dr. Daniel Shaye
CEO, A Trusted Voice
Williamsburg, Virginia

Kim's range covers it all......from sincere to exciting, she consistently nails it!! Her turnaround time is lightning fast, and she's a pleasure to work with. With Kim.......callers on hold listen!!

Gord Wright
Take-Hold Marketing
Production Department

Kim is an amazing voice talent! We needed a certain sound for our project and Kim was able to show us her range with multiple variations. Our client was very pleased with Kim's read. She was available at a moments notice to read copy changes by the client. Kim represents the professional side of the voice over industry extremely well.

Ryan J. McKeever
Magic Hour Productions

Indianapolis, Indiana.

It is my pleasure to work with Kim....she is bright...energetic and upbeat...!
Her voice quality is strong....she takes direction well...and she prides herself on getting it right...

Pete Travers
105.3 Kool FM/Oldies 1090
Program Director

Unlike most announcers who usually provide you with only one version of a voiceover, Kim provides me with at least 4 or 5 versions and one of those is always exactly the way I heard it in my head when I wrote the script."
"Kim also provides a quick turnaround, which is very important in our
market." "Overall, Kim does a great job in providing voiceovers for us and does it with a smile in her voice!

Alan MacLellan
ATV / CTV Moncton
Writer / Producer
New Brunswick

Kim gets it! She understands what it takes to be great. Give Kim the
opportunity to be your voice. You won't be disappointed!

Peter Ferguson
The Control Room
Audio Production Studio

We’ve been happy not only with Kim’s voice quality and range, we’re impressed with her professionalism and ability to help us with quick turnarounds. She offers our projects (commercial and corporate videos) multiple variations and takes direction well.

Janet Bell
Creative Director
Lethbridge, Alberta

I have found Kim to be what we call in the business a "total professional". She is quick to respond to the given project's requirements and always provides three or more versions or flavours to choose from. The various clients she has voiced for me have been completely happy with her work. I am happy to recommend Kim to many of my colleagues in the commercial production business!

Steve Lambert